The only smart thing about me is that I can occasionally trick people into thinking I’m smart.

  • Grady’s getting to that horrifying point where she needs to be entertained. All the time.
  • So far I’ve stuck to the idea that in parenthood, as she grows and our lives change, some things will get harder and some things will get easier. I know it sounds really simple and silly, but it’s helped me so much so far. Some weeks will be worse and some weeks will be better.
  • I have so much yarn. So so much. When I was pregnant and planning on adoption I was kind of intentionally hoarding my yarn and keeping it as disorganized as possible. I figured that organizing a wooly behemoth could keep my mind off of the incredible sadness after giving her away. So that kind of backfired. And now I just have cupboards and baskets and drawers and boxes and bags full of yarn.
  • I hate that I’m at my most ambitious right before bed. It’s this stupid self-satisfying lie. Every night.
  • So, I lost my mind in public the other day. I kind of feel like addressing that here, but actually really don’t want to. Had to happen eventually.
  • Part of this mind loss was yelling. And I’m actually pretty proud of myself for that – I expressed myself. Clearly and accurately. And not just the happy or superficially-angry parts that I’m used to expressing. And for that I’m pretty proud of myself. 13-year-old me would have been so embarrassed.
  • I spell “embarrassed” wrong every time. Good thing I work editing other people’s writing.
  • I’ve worn this ugly plaid button-up three days this week, because it makes me feel more sane. Or not. Maybe just validated. Yeah, definitely just validated.
  • Also, I saw one of the prettiest boys ever today. A waiter. Save up your pennies so you can go to the Mimi’s Cafe in Orem, and you will know what I’m talking about. Like a Disney prince.
  • Grady and Winston love each other. She was playing with his head today and he didn’t even bite her.
  • What am I going to do with all of this yarn? Insulate the house? Check. Fill the bathtub with wool and languish in it? Check.
  • A few people have talked to me about my eventual return to the newsroom like it will be this fabulous thing. It makes me sad to hear – I’m pretty much certain I’ll disappoint.
  • Victory. I’m finally tired.

10 cool homey things

The pictures are the links. And I’m fairly certain they should actually work this time – please let me know if they don’t.

I want this chandelier for Grady’s nursery. Sooooooo much.