10 cool random things

Doily Canvas Bag tutorial by Ashley Anne. Her website is kind of enthralling in a terrifying way. Terrifying in that it makes me fear for my own identity. But on the other hand, my what a pretty bag that is.

Pretty picture from Lost. I love this.

Matilda from kris atomic. I love this as well. Don’t you just want to bury your face in that tangle of fur?

Paper bag inspiration booklet tutorial from creative kismet.

You are my sunshine by junkgarden on flickr. This was Grady’s first favorite song.

Pretty mysterious red thing from mischief & manic marbles of the mayhem-esque me’s.

Votebird, from the ever-inspirational Geninne’s Art Blog.

Ah, youth. Another pretty mysterious thing from mischief & manic marbles of the mayhem-esque me’s.

Huge collection of vintage labels from Nancy Baumiller on flickr.

Christina Hendricks’ most magnificent wedding. Via Sally Jane Vintage.

One thought on “10 cool random things

  1. I found out cool things about Christina Hendricks. She is from Idaho, and since everybody in Idaho is somehow related, obviously, she is my dad’s best high school and college friend’s cousin! Like, first cousin! This probably means that I will soon get a recurring guest-spot on Mad Men. Yup. I shall probably have sex scenes with both John Slattery and Jon Hamm.

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