10 cool recipes

Peas and macaroni soup
. Ugly picture, delicious recipe.

Homemade frappachino
from Craft Leftovers. I need to learn how to use my french press so I can do this, because those Starbucks frappachinos are awful.

These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are one of the three or so things I’ve made that my dad enjoyed eating.

I want to try these eggplant croquettes as a burger substitute.

Homemade york peppermint patties
. Need.

I feel like this recipe for easy bread pudding for one was made specifically for me. Thank you, internet.

Fresh rhubarb pie

Tres leches pancakes

If you’ve never had a fresh English muffin, you should really try these. So delicious.

A blackberry smash! I saved this link after I planted blackberries and before they were killed by a rogue weed-sprayer.

Written Nov. 13.

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