10 cool sewn things

Usually I’m not that into decorative pillows, but this one’s adorable. And bonus points for making anything out of a t-shirt.

Tutorial for an adorable smocked gingham dress. Smocking scares the hell out of me.

Easy kids pants from a t-shirt from Rookie Moms. Why don’t I sew more? I should just be sewing all the time.

Cloth shoe pattern
. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no shoes that fit Grady. Every shoe we’ve tried is too big, too small, or just impossible to put on. Her feet live outside the constraints of physical proportions.

Make a clothespin bag out of a curtain. I didn’t do much air-drying this summer, but am so excited to get back to it next year.

Make a reusable lunch bag out of a shower curtain. There are a lot of lunch bag tutorials out there, and this is by far my favorite. The others use waxcloth, which is just rediculously expensive.

Pattern for a strapless summer top. Love it.

! This is another exception to my no-decorative-pillows rule.

Craftzine made this great lesson about hems, which I really need to look into more closely. I have about 10 dresses waiting to be hemmed, and I’m too lazy and scared to start.

Amazing idea for a tote bag. And making log cabin squares is so much fun.

Written Nov. 13.

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