10 cool crocheted things

At first I didn’t love these legwarmers, but they’re growing on me. I think they would be so out-of-control adorable on Grady. Pattern from Lion Brand.

WhipUp made a nice little round-up of crocheted pot holders.

This crocheted skull garland from Emilee Knits is beyond awesome. I want to make one in white with a red border and hang it in the living room to scare away visitors.

These crocheted baubles from Meet me at Mike’s are great. I’m not too into Christmas decorations, but I like the idea of year-round decorations that can just be moved onto a tree or something for a month. Personally, I think these would look great hanging in a row between my kitchen and dining room.

Another crochet-pattern round-up from WhipUp.

This is so simple and so adorable. Obviously, I’m totally buying in to the current garland trend. Tutorial from The Crafty Fox.

This freestyle hanger from Between the Lines is out of control. I kind of want to make one to just hang on a wall.

Hell yeah! Via Lion Brand Yarn’s blog.

Yet another crochet tutorial round-up from WhipUp. These rocks stress me out. (That’s what she said!)


Written Jan. 24.

5 thoughts on “10 cool crocheted things

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