Pre-pre-pre-announcement, plus a giveaway.

So, I’ve really actually actively finally started working on opening an Etsy shop. There has been less blogging because I’m devoting all of my free time to building stock and reading about online business and marketing. Anyway, I’m having doubts about the name of the store. Ideally, it would be the same name as this blog, but that’s just not going to happen yet. “Thrifted” as a shop name is taken.

So, here are my ideas. Anyone who leaves a comment in this post voting for one of the potential shop names will be entered in a giveaway for a 25% off coupon for one item in the store PLUS a custom embroidery. The coupon will never expire, but can only be used on items priced under $75. I’m planning on selling crocheted garlands, baby and toddler tights, embroidered pieces, embroidery kits, and more.

  1. Thrift’d
  2. coronet weeds
  3. Little Day
  4. wild, if you like
  5. Idiot Love
  6. psychodelicate
  7. too damn pretty
  8. Hold the Phone

(Yup, the ideas pretty much all came from Shakespeare, Millay, Firefly and Bowie. Big surprise.)

10 cool random things

Woahwoahwoah. Via Park & Cube.

The print on that wrapping paper was made using the stump of a bunch of celery. Coolest thing ever. Via Geninne’s Art Blog.

Amen. Via This isn’t Happiness.


I wouldn’t mind a back of this stationary. I think I would actually genuinely use it. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Dear internet: Thank you for this. Thank you so, so much. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Who doesn’t love Venn diagrams? Via This isn’t Happiness.

My choices are apparently a bit angsty today. Excuse me. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Oh, I love this. This would have been much more seasonable if I posted it a month or so ago. Also, I recently found the most beautiful collection of vintage Peanuts paperbacks at the thrift store. I like to fondle them lovingly before going to bed. Via This isn’t Happiness.

I adore this. Can’t wait for Grady to get a little older so she and I can do stuff like this. Via Craftzine.

Written Feb. 17.