10 cool random things

Woahwoahwoah. Via Park & Cube.

The print on that wrapping paper was made using the stump of a bunch of celery. Coolest thing ever. Via Geninne’s Art Blog.

Amen. Via This isn’t Happiness.


I wouldn’t mind a back of this stationary. I think I would actually genuinely use it. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Dear internet: Thank you for this. Thank you so, so much. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Who doesn’t love Venn diagrams? Via This isn’t Happiness.

My choices are apparently a bit angsty today. Excuse me. Via This isn’t Happiness.

Oh, I love this. This would have been much more seasonable if I posted it a month or so ago. Also, I recently found the most beautiful collection of vintage Peanuts paperbacks at the thrift store. I like to fondle them lovingly before going to bed. Via This isn’t Happiness.

I adore this. Can’t wait for Grady to get a little older so she and I can do stuff like this. Via Craftzine.

Written Feb. 17.

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