10 cool homey things

Gorgeous, right? Found via drew-o-rama.

That blue door is out of this world. Found via Bloesem.

I attempted this last year with a few sweet pepper plants and I’m sure it would have worked wonderfully if I had remembered to water them. Found at Cheap Vegetable Gardener.

I don’t really have any desire to garden this year, but I do love the idea of hatching seedlings in eggs. But, I learned my lesson last year. If I’m going to plant anything, I have to buy sprouted plants instead of seeds. At least until Grady gets old enough to help me control the weeds. Found at Fidgety Fingers.

Another great idea for sprouting seedlings from Fidgety Fingers.

I really love this idea. I’m looking for a diy way to make my living room’s light fixture not-hideous, and this may be my best bet. Found at under the sycamore.

This is too beautiful. Seriously. Found at instructables.

I usually don’t love table runners, but this is cute. I’d definitely iron it, though. Those wrinkles are stressing me out. Found at under the sycamore.

teaches how to roast your own garlic.

Wouldn’t this be great for herbs? Right next to the kitchen? Found at Craft.