DAY 2: A picture of you and the person you have been close with for a while.

I guess you could say we’re close. You know, she has a hard time falling asleep without my boob in her mouth so I suppose that counts.

(Sarcasm. You get it, right? I feel like my sarcasm never works.)

I took this picture to show off that crazy bruise on her head to her dad via Facebook, and then she whipped out this amazing show-stopper smile. The secret to that smile? 1. Her natural beauty and infectious happiness. 2. I was tickling her a little. 3. I held a book above the computer, because she loves books.

(Blatant bragging. That’s probably more obvious than the sarcasm was.)

(Also, WordPress’ tag-generator suggests I tag this post with “Epistle to the Ephesians.” Wha?!)

10 cool things for babies

(As Grady gets older, these kinds of posts are obviously becoming more about toddlers and kids. Oh well. I’ll probably change the name eventually.)

Love this. Free pattern found at Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

Gah! So cute. Free tutorial found at calico.

Adorable pants from a t-shirt. Free tutorial found at Rookie Moms.

Helmet tutorial found deep in the archives at Made by Petchy.

Swing coat by 6.5st on Flickr.

Hat by Paula Birdy on Flickr.

Reclaimed jumper by selenesian eye on flickr. Also, that blanket in the background is amazing.

Yup, another helmet. By MaryAndHerBabyBits on Flickr. I get the feeling that Jenn is going to love this.

I’m pretty certain I’ve shared this before, but it’s cute enough to share again. Free tutorial from Chez Beeper Bebe.

Found via  Craft.