10 cool recipes

I’m thinking of making these for the family gathering on Easter. Peanut Butter Bars from Make it Do. Are any of my family members allergic to peanuts? I feel like that is something I would know.

Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad from AllRecipes. Confession: I hate kalamata olives. Why on earth do people like those disgusting things?

Tomatillo salsa verde
from AllRecipes. Confession: I adore tomatillos.

Potato and bean enchiladas from AllRecipes. Potatoes in Mexican dishes = delicious.

Tomatillo guacamole
from AllRecipes. WANT.

Oatmeal with apples
from AllRecipes. I want to learn how to make zillions of types of oatmeal really really well. And different types of plain-Greek-based yogurt. So I can be the queen-mom of breakfast time.

Broccoli salad
from AllRecipes.

Portobello mushroom pasta
from AllRecipes.

Mini lemon blueberry scones
from Cooking With My Kid.

Cherry Crumble
from AllRecipes.

Written April 22.

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