Sure, these pictures were taken in February. Sure, I’m crazy behind in my blogging. (Oh man. That is the stupidest sentence. Let’s be honest: My daily stats a few days ago dropped below 30 hits and it made me cry so now I’m scrambling.) Also: Seriously? This kid is goddamn adorable. This is a taste of her usual early morning tomfoolery. Also: pantsless!




Baseball as an anti-communist metaphor.

Remember that giveaway I did soooooooo long ago? The one with three prizewinners? Well, I sent off the final embroidered thing over a month ago, but have not yet blogged about it. In fact, I have not yet even blogged my in-progress shots of it. I feel the need to edit photos but hate doing it, and this as made me fall very, very, very far behind, blog-wise.

Anyway, here’s is Jack‘s Brian-Wilson tribute while it was still in progress:

And here is some context:

10 cool embroidered things

I love this. It makes me want to do embroidered cartoon-y portraits of all my friends. Also, using chain stitch as a filler to emulate knitwear? Brilliant. “mr magillicutty” by cath @ chunkychooky on flickr.

Love. Found via Mr. X-stitch, by Amanda Jean.

Love love love love love. By yukamila on flickr.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I am trying to narrow down my choices to the very best, because I am obsessed with every picture I’m posting this week. Anyway, references to Catholic imagery + vagina-art? Two of my favorite things. By lockedinthepark on flickr, found via Mr. X-stitch.

THIS IS SATIN STITCH. IT IS NOT RUNNING STITCH. It makes me respect the stitcher so much. By Mrs. Gibson’s Atelier on flickr.

1. The color choice is magnificent. 2. So. Many. French. Knots. By PataPri on flickr, found via Mr. X-stitch.

I want an embroidery-inspired tattoo sooooo bad someday. I haven’t figured out exactly how that will work yet, but I still want one. This cross-stitched tat is lovely. From benjibot on flickr.

By What Delilah Did on flickr.

Dear everyone-who-asks-me-to-mend-their-jeans: I will happily sew your patches, but I will want to do them like this. You must be very specific about your desires if you don’t want your jeans to come out like this. By Sherri Lynn Wood, via WhipUp.

I really love everything Cornflower Blue Studio does. How do you think would be the best way to mount something like this on a wall? I guess it’s technically a mini-quilt. Maybe you could sew little loops along the top, thread a tree branch through the loops and then hang it by the branch? Yup, that would be adorable.

Sigh. Posts like this make me wish I could devote all of my time to crafting. Damn you, UVU, for not having a fiber design program.

10 cool outfits

I really need (yup. that’s right. need.) to find a denim shirt of this exact length that isn’t three times as wide as I am. Or I suppose I could tailor one, but that would require, like, work. Found at hold in your breath.

Apparently the people of Helsinki really know how to work scarves, because every time Hel Looks posts a picture of someone wearing a  scarf, I’m totally baffled.

See what I mean

Alright, this scarf is pretty simple. But I love the cutoffs. Of course.

GORGEOUS. From The Style Scout.

I really adore this coat. Also from The Style Scout.

Summer: GET HERE. From Sally Jane Vintage.

1. I am going to try to find some white dresses for summer. 2. That hair! From Glamcanyon.

I’ve tried to replicate this look a couple times, but I don’t think I can pull off a crew-neck sweater. Unfortunately. Anyway, this is from Stylesightings.

Rhiannon does cutoffs! Rhiannon is the most ladylike of bloggers, and the idea that she wore cutoffs once makes me so much more comfortable wearing them. From liebemarlene vintage.

Written March 6.