Alright. Social/cultural feminist rant impending. (I do my best to keep these off the blog, but this video is too good to not share.

I remember listening to Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” the day it came out, feeling a frustration that I couldn’t describe. Fortunately, this lady found the words for me:

Video found via Feministing.

I have love for Beyonce, and most of her previous fem-power anthems had some merit. However, preemptive victory rallies like “Run the World” do harm to the struggle for equality. Personally, in the face of a seemingly endless barrage of federal and local anti-woman legislation, (which, thank Science, is mostly not passing) I do not feel any more empowered just because Beyonce says I am.

(Also, don’t say this song/general pop culture literacy isn’t important. The music video was posted 8 days ago and already has over 24 million views. If that’s not enough proof for crucial effect of the messages in (even the fluffiest) pop culture, I recommend you read some bell hooks.)

Edit: Here is a really interesting post about the song, if you want to read more about it.

10 cool embroidered things

I would love to stitch this sweet little fox. Found via Bohemian Musings.

Self at Sea” by childrenplayingwithfire at flickr. Incredible. Seriously, seriously incredible.

Fairy Child” by fav_orite.things on flickr. My favorite things about this piece are the wonderful color choices and the detail of the satin stitch. So meticulous.

Cutey-cute little bike pattern found via A Beautiful Mess.

An unfinished piece by Relaxolotl on flickr. I love embroidery pieces inspired by prints.

by Poppy and Lime on flickr. This is tooooo perfect.

This! This! I love it!
I am always confused about what the etiquette is if you want to use an artist’s work as an embroidery design. Permissions etc. give me anxiety.

Cackle of Rads
by queendotmatrix on flickr. :)

Kendra’s Owl
by shemp3 on flickr. Adorable.

I love the use of variegated thread here. By verachita on flickr.

Imaginary shopping spree: Webs edition

I keep a long list of activities meant to cheer me up, and near the top of that list is browsing through Webs’ massive catalogue of yarns. Now, Webs is a sort of warehouse of yarn, so the photography isn’t as sumptuous as smaller stores, but their selection is just so huge. Anyway, this is just for yarn brands starting with the letters P-Z. A-O will come later.

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Schoppel Wolle Lace Ball in Creme of Chocolate.
  2. Shibui Sock in 7495.
  3. Sheep Shop Sheep One in Marigold.
  4. Spud & Chloƫ Sweater in Grape Jelly.
  5. Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in 401.
  6. Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky in Baby Pink.
  7. Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn in Natural, Purple, Teal, Yellow.
  8. Pagewood Farm Chugiak in Army Girl.
  9. Prism Merino Mia Layers in Aegean.

10 cool homey things

Christmas tree bunting tutorial from Sadie and Lance. I take issue with most Christmas decorations, but this I like.

This isn’t too bad either. I think a string of dipped wax pinecones as bunting would be adorable. Tutorial via The Magic Onions.

Perfect bookshelf found via Cosmic Dust.

And another version of Christmas decor I don’t hate. Found via Style Files.

Love this. Wouldn’t it be the perfect studio? Found via Cosmic Dust.

Latch hook rag rug! Tutorial at Maggie Makes.

I am constantly desperately searching for this type of frame at thrift stores. Found at Smile and Wave.

Alright. That’s it. I need to focus my creative energies on making awesome bedding. (This is by doe-c-doe, naturally. Everything she does is magic.)

I’m thinking of making these for Grady’s next birthday party.

DIY Shibori bedspread. Obsessed. Tutorial found via Craft.

Empty womb


I finally started Janeal‘s giveaway present. I grappled with what exactly to make for ages, obviously, but I’m pretty excited about my final design, and if it goes well I might use the idea as a “custom item” option in the shop.

Anyway, there’s something really delicious about laying out a meticulous grid like this one before starting a project. I generally won’t do it for cross-stitch projects, but this design will be particularly difficult to execute, so I’m taking every possible precaution. I took this picture last night, and in the last 24 hours have spent every spare moment (between emergency trips to the chiropractor and cleaning toddler puke off of, well, every surface in my home*. sigh.) stitching tiny little exes, slowly making progress. I’m about 70% sure that the idea will work.

And no, I’m not telling you what the idea is yet. Not because I want to create any sort of anticipation, but because while I want to share my creative process, I can’t really allow any possible negative feedback while I’m in the middle of it. The smallest comment can shatter my confidence, and once that’s happened I just can’t stitch. So that’s where this teasing is coming from.

(Janeal, obviously you are exempt from this rule if you want to know what I’m doing.)

Sigh. Anyway, cross-stitching always makes me think of my mom. I guess I’ll talk more about that when I can share the finished product. (Which, if I maintain my current rate of stitching, may be in about two weeks. If we’re lucky.)

*W/r/t the puke: Grady’s been having a bit of a gastronomic episode this week. But, knock on wood**, she appears to be returning to her happy, healthy self.

**This and throwing salt are two superstitions I cannot exorcise, even though I do not believe in their supposed power.