10 cool sewn things

I have serious feelings for these Vintage Sheet Quilts from Pins and Thimbles. They are so, so, so gorgeous. I am currently (“current” meaning April 27, when I’m writing this post) trying really hard to finished that dagnabbed purple and green quilt so I can start another and machine-quilt it. I know, I’ve said wonderful things about hand-quilting. And I do genuinely like hand-quilting. But MAN. It takes so much time. I started this quilt last June and have finished hand-quilting three of fifteen squares.

Cathedral Window quilt blocks were the things that convinced me that I wanted to eventually get into quilting. They are just so beautiful and intricate. This Cathedral Window Tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter is great.

LOVE this Value Quilt tutorial from Willy Nilly.

These color-coded quilts from In Color Order are great. Naturally, I want to make one of them in each color and then fold them all neatly and make the most impressive blog post ever.

I really like the idea behind this simple quilt from Katie Did, and might utilize it for the next time someone I know has a baby shower.

Or perhaps this simple fat quarter quilt from Craft could work for a baby shower. Obviously, I’m in a quilty mood.

These leggings
were made out of a t-shirt! Waaaaaaant! In lots of colors! From Andrea’s Garden.

I want so badly to make dozens of these skirts for myself, but we know my issues with shirring. From Instructables.


AH! I’m not a huge fan of random pillows, but this pom-pom pillow is excellent. Want. Found via Craft.

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