Swype poetry, v. 2

Remember Swype Poetry? In which I type famous poems into my phone to show how awful Swype’s typos can be? (As a refresher, Swype is a kind of keyboard in which you drag your finger between letters instead of punching buttons. It is great sometimes, but its typos are always way off mark.) Anyway, I once thought of making it into a short-lived series, so here is the second installment. The Swype version of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “I shall forget you presently.” As usual, incorrect words are bold and italicized.

I shall forgery you presently, mt dear,
So make the most of rhys, your little dad,
Your little mints, your little half a yeast,
Were I forgery it due out move away,
And we are done forever; by and by
I shall forgery your, as I said, but now
If yo entreat me with your loneliest lite
I still protest you with my favorite view.
I would indeed that live we’re longer lived,
And oaths we’re not do brittle as thru are,
But do it is, and natures has contrived
To struggle on without a break this far,–
Whether or not et find what we are seeking
Is isle, chronologically soaking.

There you have it. On the bright side: Only 37% of those words are wrong.

10 cool random things

I want this to be on my head so bad I can’t breathe. Seriously. Want. Want want want. (I spend waaaaay too much time thinking about what my hair will never be.) Found via Honestly, WTF.

This free printable thank-you card from Hey Susy is adorable.

Salt painting
! This looks so fun. Found via The Crafty Crow.

I don’t know for sure if this is a photo or what, but I love it and it reminds me of how I love abstract photography. Found via Lost.

A big feather … thing! To put on your wall! I actually really adore this idea. From VenusZine.

I am afraid these tights are too Lolita for me to pull off, but I am still obsessed with the idea. Maybe stars instead of hearts? Found via Craft.

Seriously, just click this link. These cat illustrations from Cat Party are just too magnificent.

What are you inventing
? Found via The Secret Society of List Addicts.

Of course. Of course Dave Eggers draws brilliant drawings.

I love this. I particularly love the caption: “Plenty of reasons behind it, possibly the most important one being to scare little children.” On another note, I feel like I’m getting pretty good to responding to children’s questions about my tattoos. I still need to come up with a more eloquent and convenient monologue to describe the “don’t” on my wrist, though. Found via F*** Yeah Tattoos.