It’s the last day before The Psychodelicate opens, and I’m busily finishing the final touches; perfecting listings, re-photographing a few items (thanks to a genius tip from Olivia), and then on to finish/frame/block the things that likely won’t be ready by tomorrow.

My camera strap looks really horribly photoshopped in this image. Like it’s been painted on. Phone photography is difficult.


Living-room photo-studio! It’s been working pretty well, if I do say so myself. I’ve been trying to photograph every piece outside as well as inside (using outdoor lighting), which is a pretty big time-suck but I think it’s worth it.

Anyway, I’m off to the living room to work more! Yikes! Tomorrow!

Millions of stitches


I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like, because we’re now in the home stretch of the shop opening so I’ve been busy tangling threads at every spare moment. Also my desk is currently set up to be a stitching/watching netflix area, so typing is just physically uncomfortable. #whitepeopleproblems

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at something I’m working on for the shop. It should be finished by now, but I’m trying a new framing technique that is frankly quite horrifying, so I’m postponing it as long as possible. Framing in general really stresses me out. I’ve learned a lot of new useful techniques, but it remains that framing fabric is just difficult. In the future I’m going to try to make as many of my pieces as possible fit in an embroidery hoop, because using one of those as a frame is easy as pie.

Anyway, I must get back to stitching! After all, the shop opens in two days!

(Yikes. Two days. Feeling a little bit nauseous about it, actually. But it will be great! I promise!)

I just can’t help myself.


If anyone accidentally leaves something at my house, it will most likely come back be-cozied. This is not something I choose to do — it’s just an unignorable compulsion. So naturally, when the boyfriend left his Kindle in my car, it was almost immediately wrapped up in wool.


I used this pattern, and two old skeins of worsted wool/acrylic blends that no longer had their label. My gauge swatch had me slightly under the listed gauge, but the piece is still a bit too large for my tastes. Don’t know what happened there.



My modifications: Instead of doing a double-decrease at each miter, I did two singles. Because I didn’t want to fuss with the stitch marker. I also did one less row of the first stripe, crocheted an edge (should definitely have used fewer stitches there) and did the button loop in crochet rather than an i-cord.

So, do you guys know anything about the curse? There is a long-standing curse that if you knit a lover anything (most commonly a sweater), something bad will happen. I’m not at all superstitious, but this is the one thing that I get nervous about. Obviously there’s no legitimate statistical evidence proving or disproving the curse, and there are multiple other factors that can contribute to it. Most relationships end, and the relationships where you were committed enough to buy the yarn and spend the hours knitting something are obviously the most memorable ones. So yes, even this cozy does make me nervous.

10 cool random things

Gasp! My love! This is almost certainly the best Bowie tattoo I’ve ever seen. Found via F*** Yeah Tattoos.

This post at Five Green Acres
shows you how to make your own Rose Water. Kind of incredible.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I’ve been looking for examples of crosshatch shading on tattoos – if you guys see any, send them my way? Unfortunately I don’t have the source for this image.

Eep! This umbrella is adorable! There is a tutorial out there, but it’s in a language I don’t speak. But this looks easy enough, right?

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Found via F*** Yeah Tattoos.

Amy of A is for Ampersand created these gorgeous free banners for us all to use! I haven’t used them yet, but am pretty anxious for the opportunity. She also made a tutorial for those of us who don’t really know how to make these work on our photos.

GORGEOUS. I love poppies. Found via F*** Yeah Tattoos.

I really like these paper flowers; and I appreciate any opportunity to add to the “reasons to buy shredding scissors” list. Find the tutorial at Rock n Roll Bride.

Such an adorable idea. Found at F*** Yeah Tattoos.

I love this! I used to search so hard for brilliant wrapping ideas like this, but I haven’t been wrapping presents at all lately. Until I saw this, naturally. Welcome back to the age of adorable DIY present wrapping. Found at Craft.

More excitment than I can handle.

A couple weeks ago when I saw this website, I immediately knew I wanted to help. I wanted to help before I even clicked the link. I forced myself to take a few hours to actively think on volunteering, carefully combed through the documentation, and gleefully offered my services as a writer. Or, more of a transcriber.

And now, with 4 shiny new letters in my inbox, I can officially say that I’m a volunteer writer for Snail Mail My E-mail!

Snail Mail My E-mail!

I’m so incredibly excited about this project. I’m planning on writing my first letter after Grady goes to bed tonight; and then will write 30 letters a week until the end of the summer.

Obviously, it’s a bit of a time (and postage!) commitment. But I have no qualms about it. I think it will be an incredible experience worth every penny and minute.

Anyway, you should submit an e-mail if you want to! You never know, I may be the one who ends up writing it.

(And don’t worry, this won’t get in the way of the shop opening. I promise! Things are going pretty well on that front and I have a lovely queue of draft listings just waiting to be published.)

Imaginary Shopping Spree: Noro edition.

I know a lot of people don’t like Noro. They say the yarn, famous for its self-striping colors, is too rough, unpredictable or filled with knots. But those are all qualities that I love in a yarn. Especially with knitting, I am generally more interested in the process than the result; so Noro is often the perfect yarn for me. Because it’s just so fun to knit with. Never a dull moment in these skeins.

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Furisode, a silk/cotton/wool bulky weight. Colorway 16.
  2. Chirimen, a cotton/silk/wool DK weight. Colorway 12.
  3. Taiyo Sock, a cotton/wool/nylon/silk fingering weight. Colorway 08.
  4. Hitsuji, a 100% wool super bulky weight. Colorway 09.
  5. Aya, a cotton/silk/wool worsted weight. Colorway 08.
  6. Nobori, a cotton/nylon/wool/silk bulky weight. Colorway 18.
  7. Silk Garden Lite, a silk/kid mohair/lambswool DK weight. Colorway 2038.
  8. Aya, a cotton/silk/wool worsted weight. Colorway 02.
  9. Furisode, a silk/cotton/wool bulky weight. Colorway 02.

10 cool sewn things

This is a shower curtain. And it’s so beautiful it’s causing me physical pain. Check out the tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery. (Also: I am so into DIY Anthropologie knockoffs. Into it in, like, a fist-pumping stick-it-to-the-man kind of way.)

Love, love, love this gray quilt. It’s just too pretty. Found at one flew over.

1. Aw. Kitty.
2. Wool throw! With pompoms! This would be so warm and easy and lovely. Tutorial at Design Sponge.

I’m definitely going to make Grady a crown of flowers (that, you know, I can borrow) soon, but I think it will be knitted/crocheted flowers. ‘Cause that’s more my wheelhouse. Anyway, this felt crown by Elsie Marley is inspirational.

I’m not actually a super huge fan of how this quiltblock looks, but I think it would be so fun to make that who cares how the thing looks? Wouldn’t this be a great scrappy quilt with thick linen stripes between blocks? Check out the tutorial at Sew Take a Hike.

Love, love, love this shirt-dress. So pretty. Tutorial from Prudent Baby.

OBSESSED. Oh man. A chevron quilt would be so incredible. Also, the colors in this block are perrrrrrfect. Tutorial at Bijou Lovely.

This, however, may just be the most perfect quilt to ever exist. Isn’t it beautiful? Found at Cosmic Dust.

I’m probably going to embroider this phrase and put it in my living room. I love it. Found via this isn’t happiness.

Cute! This scrappy flower tutorial from Create and Delegate is so great. It can be tough to find a quality fabric-flower tutorial. Considering making scarlet boutonnieres out of these for these musical scamps.

She wore green velvet

Green velvet turban from Monocled Lop

Huzzah! The velvet turban-headband I ordered from Monocled Lop on my birthday arrived today, and I love it. Super freaking cute. I love it so much that taking pictures of it to share was the only reason I put on makeup/that necklace today. I wanted to show it off that much.

Green velvet turban from Monocled Lop

Anyway, just thought I’d stop by to tell you how awesome Amy’s shop is. Their custom camera bags look incredible, and these cute baby slings kind of make me want another baby. (Not to worry! I don’t plan on any more babies. Not for a long time, at least.)

I’m off to watch some Doctor Who* and finish embroidering a piece for The Psychodelicate that I’m super excited about. It’s a text-based embroidery inspired (hell, ripped off from) one of the best compliments I’ve ever recieved.

*Watching it all the way through for the first time since high school! I’m so excited to see the episodes I’ve missed since then. Currently still in the first season and loving it.

It was all highlights.

Today is my birthday! 22, to be exact. I wasn’t expecting much – I figured that 21 would be the last party/milestone/interesting/joyous birthday, so I made almost no plans. But the day turned out to be absolutely wonderful anyway! Best bits:

  • Every time I tried to get Grady to say “Happy Birthday,” she just said no. Which was pretty adorable.
  • Gardening barefoot during heavy rain! So wonderful!
  • Even though I didn’t get to see him (yet – the night is still young, I suppose), the boyfriend excellently displayed his thoughtfulness. He’s a keeper.
  • I learned that my little sister moved home! So excited!
  • Lovely Amy‘s shop, Monocled Lop, opened. I’ve been really excited about it since I first e-met* her, and my birthday present to myself was a lovely velvet turban.
  • Dinner at Pete’s with the pop. I’ve been trying to get him to go there for ages.
  • I finally got past a creative block that was seriously stalling my Psychodelicate progress.
  • Taking all day to watch Leaves of Grass and Pulp Fiction and eating whatever I damn well pleased.
  • I got to see my mom and stepdad, who** Grady finally called Grandpa. ‘Twas adorable!
  • Across-the-board reminders of what excellent friends I have. Really, seriously: I love you all.

Here’s to the next 22 years!




Imaginary Shopping Spree: Free People

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Loving Maxi Dress – A friend of mine recently mentioned that she wanted a gunne sax dress. First I googled “gunne sax” to be sure we were talking about the same thing, then I started strolling through e-bay to look for patterns. Because now I’m obsessed. Seriously, I think I want to get married in a dress just like this. Anyway, this dress kind of reminds me of gunne sax styles.
  2. Roan Wedge – For fall! With green tights!
  3. Gypsy Lace Dress – I feel like I could do just about anything in that dress. It’s a total courage piece.
  4. Heloise Platform – These kind of look like my most recent incredible thrift store purchase. Mint condition 70′s platform heels for only $4. I died a little.
  5. Hacienda Bag – Yup. I’m going to make something like this. Belt + poncho. Super easy.
  6. Thea Platform – I am just now getting to the point where I can wear heels again, and I’m really excited about it. “Again” meaning since before I was pregnant.
  7. Angel Wings Open Shoulder Dress – Love this. I’ve been looking a the thrift stores for white summer dresses, and have always come up empty handed.
  8. Gatwickk Boot – To be worn with number 12.
  9. New Romantics Crochet Cardigan – I really want to diversify my cardigan collection before fall. Right now it’s all too much neutral jersey.
  10. Lea Fringe Chain Tote – Grady would love to play with that fringe.
  11. Picture Show Slip – This is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love a lace hem.
  12. Maurie & Eve Platform – Wooden platforms are so gorgeous.