10 cool sewn things

This is a shower curtain. And it’s so beautiful it’s causing me physical pain. Check out the tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery. (Also: I am so into DIY Anthropologie knockoffs. Into it in, like, a fist-pumping stick-it-to-the-man kind of way.)

Love, love, love this gray quilt. It’s just too pretty. Found at one flew over.

1. Aw. Kitty.
2. Wool throw! With pompoms! This would be so warm and easy and lovely. Tutorial at Design Sponge.

I’m definitely going to make Grady a crown of flowers (that, you know, I can borrow) soon, but I think it will be knitted/crocheted flowers. ‘Cause that’s more my wheelhouse. Anyway, this felt crown by Elsie Marley is inspirational.

I’m not actually a super huge fan of how this quiltblock looks, but I think it would be so fun to make that who cares how the thing looks? Wouldn’t this be a great scrappy quilt with thick linen stripes between blocks? Check out the tutorial at Sew Take a Hike.

Love, love, love this shirt-dress. So pretty. Tutorial from Prudent Baby.

OBSESSED. Oh man. A chevron quilt would be so incredible. Also, the colors in this block are perrrrrrfect. Tutorial at Bijou Lovely.

This, however, may just be the most perfect quilt to ever exist. Isn’t it beautiful? Found at Cosmic Dust.

I’m probably going to embroider this phrase and put it in my living room. I love it. Found via this isn’t happiness.

Cute! This scrappy flower tutorial from Create and Delegate is so great. It can be tough to find a quality fabric-flower tutorial. Considering making scarlet boutonnieres out of these for these musical scamps.

4 thoughts on “10 cool sewn things

  1. I am ALL for knocking stuff off. Especially overpriced Anthro and Urban and whatnot. My sewing teacher, Miriam, is pretty awesome at Anthro knock offs. I know she’s done two sets of earrings and a pillow that look preeeetty damn close. I think you can see them here: http://madmim.com/?s=knock+it+off

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