10 cool random things

Today’s collection of random things might as well be called the “Tattoo Edition,” as all but 2 of the links I’m sharing are tattoos. What can I say? I love good ink.

Aaaaaaaaah I am obsessed with this tattoo. According to the caption over at F*** Yeah Tattoos, it’s an image of her grandmother’s home. I would love to get a tattoo related to my grandpa’s old house; I was recently thinking of the things that are sacred to me; that house and breastfeeding were right at the top of the list.

This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry
. Seriously.

Eep! I love Ferdinand! I’ve seen a lot of Ferdinand tattoos taken directly from the illustrations in the book, but this new design is pretty magnificent.

I love this. It’s like she has a little buddy walking by her side all the time.

Don’t you just want to smoosh those pompoms? They’re made from old t-shirts & I’m a little bit obsessed with them. I’m considering making some for Grady’s birthday party decorations and then using them as decor int he house. Find the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Oh, how I love nature-based white-space-y half sleeves. Those flowers are incredibly beautiful. Found via F*** Yeah Tattoos.

I also have a soft spot for traditional rose tattoos. They are just so lovely, and these especially are well-placed and well-made.

Surprise! More flowers! These are too pretty.

Oooooooooh, I love this. I’ve had a fern tattoo in the works for almost a year now; because ferns are incredible, of course. Mine is very different than this one, but I still absolutely adore this one. it’s the first I’ve seen done entirely in green, and I love it.

Tea towels done with fabric marker! Brilliant! I have plans for zillions of beautiful drawn/embroidered/painted tea towels, but when I get around to shopping for the blank towels I always think they’re too expensive. $5 for two towels? No thank you, craft stores. If any of you know a place to get bulk towels (seriously. I’d be cool with a whole giant box of them) for cheap, let me know? Not only does my own collection need some serious revitalization, but I’d love to design & sell some someday. Anyway, find this tutorial at elsie marley.