10 cool random things


I would really really very much like to be able to do this, but I just don’t think jewelry-making is a hobby I can get into right now. I’m already up to my eyebrows in hobbies.

Super useful! I can never seem to remember all of this photography lingo, and I should really print this out and put it in my camera bag.

Of course I love this. Found via The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting.

GORGEOUS. And super easy! Dying at home for pleasure and profit.

AH. I love folk art tattoos like this one.

These modifications are perfect. Thank you to whoever made them.

Tie-dyed tissue paper! This would be so great for packaging items from the Etsy Shop.

So pretty.

This just makes me sad because I will never ever be that talented. Isn’t it perfect?

Wait! Let’s make this 11 cool random things. You can win this awesome ukulele on little chief honeybee this month!

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