That’s how many cross-stitches are in this thing. And every cross-stitch is technically two stitches, so it took 22,798 stitches to complete. Needle traveling through fabric 45,596 times.

Anyway, photorealistic cross-stitch is really hard and really rewarding. This is my first time doing it in full-color, but the image is abstract so it’s easier to hide mistakes than if I were aiming for something truly realistic. And I only made one noticeable mistake: I fudged counting the space between creamy-yellow sections on the rose on the far left, and to compensate had to put three stitches instead of two between the second and third lines of text. Not super noticeable, but it’s still there.


I used MacStitch‘s photo import tool to create the pattern, then cropped it to a circle and adjusted the colors a bit to make it prettier (MacStitch’s color pallete isn’t identical to DMC’s) and simplify the pattern. The finished product wound up about 9″ in diameter. I love the idea of superimposing negative-space text over an image, and now I’m planning on doing something similar with an image of the rosette nebula.

I have been planning on stitching these words for quite a while, in hopes that one day Grady would look at them and feel some calm and happiness. I’d originally planned on doing something simple and folk sampler-y, but then for some reason chose to make this behemoth instead.


I love the wrong side of this piece. It reminds me of that one episode of Star Trek Voyager about chaotic space. Anyone? Anyone?


The back side when backlit is especially cool, I think. If I could do this again, the only thing I’d change would be to allow the program to use more colors. There are 29 colors in this piece, and though it would be much more difficult, it’d be cool to see what it looks like with 70 or 80 colors.

Also: If you fancy the pattern you can totally have it; I’ve got a lovely tidy pdf version, but I don’t want to sell it because the execution is just too much work. I don’t think it would sell well. So anyway, if you want it tell me in the comments and I’ll send it straight over.

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