10 cool recipes

I’m thinking of making these for the family gathering on Easter. Peanut Butter Bars from Make it Do. Are any of my family members allergic to peanuts? I feel like that is something I would know.

Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad from AllRecipes. Confession: I hate kalamata olives. Why on earth do people like those disgusting things?

Tomatillo salsa verde
from AllRecipes. Confession: I adore tomatillos.

Potato and bean enchiladas from AllRecipes. Potatoes in Mexican dishes = delicious.

Tomatillo guacamole
from AllRecipes. WANT.

Oatmeal with apples
from AllRecipes. I want to learn how to make zillions of types of oatmeal really really well. And different types of plain-Greek-based yogurt. So I can be the queen-mom of breakfast time.

Broccoli salad
from AllRecipes.

Portobello mushroom pasta
from AllRecipes.

Mini lemon blueberry scones
from Cooking With My Kid.

Cherry Crumble
from AllRecipes.

Written April 22.

10 cool recipes

I decided to bifurcate the “homey” posts, because I was getting so many links to recipes. These are all going to be vegetarian, if you vegs out there are looking for something yummy. Also, food photography is really hard, so please be forgiving of how ugly this post is bound to be.

Stir-fried broccoli from Apricot Tea.

Pineapple zucchini loaf from AllRecipes.

Garlic broccoli from AllRecipes.

How to make dandelion wine from Tipnut.

Homemade granola from Cooking with my Kid.

Veggie Stir-fry from Allrecipes.

Black bean and tomato quinoa from Apricot Tea. I’ve been barraged with posts about quinoa – I must consume this mystery substance.

Tomato cake from Bounteous Bites. This sounds effing delicious. And it would be a great way to trick my dad into eating vegetables.

And tomato pie from AllRecipes, while we’re talking about weird tomato dishes.

The last one has no picture but sounds delicious: Indian Pudding from Allrecipes.