10 cool knitted things

Awful quality image, but I think this sweater is really lovely. (Free pattern.)

Agh. Knitspot freaks me out with how fantastic it is. In this post, she blogs not only about a zillion different homegrown vegetables and delicious homemade meals, but two finished lace shawls and a half-finished knitted vest. She just knits so much.

I know. Mustaches are everywhere. But this pattern from Paperama is adorable.


I love this pattern but have no idea why.

I really need to attempt some legitimate fair isle. These fingerless mitts from Kathryn Ivy are just gorgeous.

It’s just gray garter stitch, but I love it. Via the Sartorialist.

This Hawthorne from The Woolen Rabbit is just perfect. I want one in the same yarn and colorway for myself.


I’m not a big fan of felting, but these colors are divine.


10 cool knitted things

Those colors are making me very uncomfortable. You know, because of all the happiness. Made by Annie Larsen, found at Scout Holiday.

Yes. This is a trivet, made out of felted knitted balls. I want to touch it so much. Made by Kathryn Ivy.

I think this cardigan is really really beautiful, but am afraid that I’m being fooled by the styling. Found at knitty.

I’m also afraid that if I made this little guy, he, Winston and Grady would team up. And together they would easily be able to overpower me in every way. Made by Hippodrome.

So pretty. Must buy yarn. Rag doily rug by Julie Weisenberger.

This is just a simple log cabin blanket, but those colors are amazing. From The Purl Bee.

This pattern is brilliant, by the looks of it. Unfortunately it’s in Finnish, but it would be easy enough to incorporate that lace panel into any other sweater, right? It’s called Basilika and it’s from Ulla.

Aw. This just makes me sad. Knit toe cushions for hikers.

The only explanation accompanying this photo is “apartment for eggs of the insects.” I’m in love with it.

as;dfjaow tp3ut[q ugac vg[9uq tgha. This is too adorable. I think I just had a seizure.