10 cool knitted things

Awful quality image, but I think this sweater is really lovely. (Free pattern.)

Agh. Knitspot freaks me out with how fantastic it is. In this post, she blogs not only about a zillion different homegrown vegetables and delicious homemade meals, but two finished lace shawls and a half-finished knitted vest. She just knits so much.

I know. Mustaches are everywhere. But this pattern from Paperama is adorable.


I love this pattern but have no idea why.

I really need to attempt some legitimate fair isle. These fingerless mitts from Kathryn Ivy are just gorgeous.

It’s just gray garter stitch, but I love it. Via the Sartorialist.

This Hawthorne from The Woolen Rabbit is just perfect. I want one in the same yarn and colorway for myself.


I’m not a big fan of felting, but these colors are divine.