10 cool random things

I really loved this image, found via Bohemian Musings. I’ve tried dozens (literally) of times to embroider this sweet deer, but it’s just not working. Woah. Wait a second. I just had a brilliant idea. Maybe this time my attempts to embroider this will work!

(Cut to 1 hour later: I’ve finally sucessfully figured out how to design the pattern. Huzzah!)

Next summer I’m definitely planning on making some outdoor chalkboard walls for Grady et al to play with. Find the tutorial at angry chicken.

I think I’m going to make some of these to hang on the front porch in a couple weeks. Check out the great tutorial at Natural Kids.

This girl’s hair and headscarf are perfect. Found via StyleSightings.

Loooooove this gif from the Manifesta Workbook.

1. This is the perfect color pallette. 2. I love the words. 3. The design is too cute. Found via Sweet Jessie, made by The Wheatfield.

I love stick-crafts! So naturally I love this. Though it seems that Maybe I’ll make one of these from Kids Craft Weekly for Grady soon.

I really love this work. So much so that after seeing it on F*** Yeah Tattoos I began following her blog.

Ah! Gorgeous! This is how collages should be. Found via this isn’t happiness.

Pretty pretty pretty. Love this gif from Bu The Right Thing.