10 cool outfits

I’m so obsessed with this dress. It’s perfect. Found at The Sartorialist.

As this post will show, I love sheer white dresses. Found via Stylesightings.

Found via Glamcanyon.

Goldie! How I love you. Found via Cat Party.

Apparently I want a leather jacket. Also, those boots are perrrfect. Found via Dam Style.

Found via Stylesightings.

I love the outfit (and the dog!) on the left. Found via Honestly WTF.

Even the helmet is perfect. Found via The Fashionist.

Polkadots and red shoes = LOVE. Found via Face Hunter.

Found via Stylesightings.

A sampling

Remember when I used to do outfit posts? Like over a year ago?

Dress: vintage; Tights: Esprit from Tuesday Morning; Boots: Payless

Well anyway, Grady dresses a lot better than I do now. But here’s a sampling of what we’ve been wearing. Samples are based purely on when I remember to take photos.

Shirt: thrifted; Dress: secondhand XXI from Plato’s Closet; Boots: vintage; Facial expression: “I hate self-timers.”

Sailor jacket: vintage; dress: thrifted Oshkosh (actually a 4T halter shirt); Tights: Esprit.

It’s getting really difficult for me to get good pictures of Grady. 1. She moves all the time. 2. I am not a good photographer. 3. I never remember to take pictures – and when I do remember we only have a minute or so.

Bah. Boringest post ever. We’re getting to that point in NaBloPoMo.