10 cool random things

Whoops, I missed a few weeks. Sorry about that. Here’s a late post to make up for it. Coming Thursday, 10 cool homey things.

WATERMELON DEATH STAR. This makes me feel almost like I could really fall in love with someone someday.

From Cat High. I adooooore this one – a kitteh feminist! “The Feline Eunuch!” Love love love. I just asked Winston if he was a feminist and he flipped me off.

Make an old book into a journal!

Tie-dye your own tights! I want to make two matching pair of tie-dyed tights for Grady and myself. It would be amazing.

Lee Meredith dyed this skein of yarn in a crock pot, and you can too. Seriously. I keep on almost buying crock pots at thrift stores, and then I realize that for the price of a crock pot I can buy a pair of pants for Grady. Let’s talk about the ridiculous prices of baby clothes sometime.

You can also make a planner out of an old book.

Real-life Pacman!

This is a weird-looking cookie recipe that also includes this handy pattern for a gift box.

Real Peanuts. Teeheehee.

How to ply yarn using a drop spindle. A dear writer of mine at the UVU Review gave me a hand-made drop spindle recently, and I haven’t yet dared make anything with it. As soon as I buy roving, I know I’ll be obsessed with it.